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Welcome to the Amazing Arts Group where if you have any requirements about Art, we are the ones with a solution. Amazing Arts Group is a leading light in the Indian Exhibition Stall Designer, Exhibition Stall Fabricator, Booth Designing, Event Setup, Kiosk and Interiors. The industry where we have our mark has a huge impact on the markets today and hence we have the perfect plans for everyone looking to make the most of it.

Exhibition Stall Designer : Our idea is to not just to design the stall but to have better Knowledge of the Product and to execute the design which will suits clients requirements and products. We at Amazing arts group believe in using our creative ideas effectively and gives you the best possible stall which suits to your need.

Exhibition Stall Fabricator : Once the designing is done then it is time to build the stall. We provide support for everything right from building the stall to installation of it on site. Stalls can be made of many materials and every client has their requirements depending on what they are selling and how they want it to look. So accordingly even we prepare the stall so that it exactly matches the design approved by the client.

Mall Kiosk / Retail Kiosk : Kiosks are an amazing invention in today’s world where one can provide a great deal of services in a very compact space like Mall, Metro, Road, Commercial Buildings and Airports. We provide the complete solution from Designing of the Kiosk, Making of Kiosk , Installation and Post Installation Support.

We have extensive experience in Designing and Construction, offering services Worldwide like:

India | Dubai | Spain | Iran | Germany | Australia | China | Singapore | UK | USA | Russia | Turkey | Saudi | Bahrain | Thailand | Europe | Muscat | Brazil | Moscow

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