A professional exhibition booth design can help you in promoting your goods and services in the best way possiblle thereby leading to higher sales and growth rate.

An exhibition design plays a vital role in making the exhibition booth appealing. The exhibition stands are the best tools for marketing the brand in public. The exhibition both designs comes in varied designs such as portable pop up stands, modular stands, portable banner stands, literature stands, panel and pole stands.
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The brief description of the exhibition design is as follows-

Pop up display stands can be assembled faster; they are small sized and so can be easily moved from one place to other. This stand comes in affordable rates.
Custom display stands are basically large in stature and are inflexible. These stands are most popular for their catchy and vibrant look.
Trade show truss systems provide you everything you need in a portable truss display, are extremely versatile, innovative, are a great value for your Trade show dollar and extremely quick and simple to set up.

Banner stands are other common choice for professional portraying of the exhibition booth. These stands are affordable and can be housed in a carry bag.
The exhibition designers must understand the importance of exhibition design. The designer must remember that art work is only a tool of portraying products and not the purpose of exhibition. Exhibition design is coupled with many factors such as lighting, layout, charts, color, exhibits and outreach planes. A good exhibition design is the integration of all these factors.

The design of the exhibition booth should be simple and not complex. The booth design should be designed on giving instant message to the viewers. The banners, graphics and the text should be clear and striking. The displays should highlight the main point such as special products, new products and discounts. All these attractions can be highlighted by attractive lightning, layout or location of the display boards.

The exhibition must have a specific theme to give desired message and leave a long lasting impression on the viewers. The exhibition booth should be designed from viewer’s perspective and target viewers taste and response should be researched before selecting the booth design. A certified and professional booth designer can guide to plan an attracting booth design.

Exhibition stands can be chosen by considering budget, re-usage and size of the booth you are planning to have. Shell scheme stand is an effective booth designing technique. It consists of rented floor space coupled with lighting, carpet and walling. Here, the exhibitor has the choice to bring own display units and counters or can hire them from the contractors.

The products and finishes of the exhibition booth should be carefully accomplished as it reflects the business identity and brand value of the exhibiting company. The booth design can be made more attractive by incorporating audiovisual features such as plasma screen, high impact graphics, attractive lighting and interactive touch screens in the exhibition booth design.

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